The people at Source Onsite Solutions not only get the job done in the time and cost they estimate, but they “get it” so you don’t have to explain yourself over and over again. They are also a lot of fun and have a great sense of humour. I really enjoy working with these people. I can be anywhere in the world and they will respond in a timely fashion. They “fix the problem” not the blame which is the result I am looking for. I would highly recommend these guys and encourage anyone to give them a shot! They are the only people we have used since our company has been in business. Rock solid support for hardware and software when you need it most.

G. Doug Hill

AFX North America Inc.


Source Onsite Solutions has been extremely helpful and reliable. They are quick to respond and efficient in solving any IT issues that arise. They also look after ordering and installing all of our hardware needs, which takes all the guesswork out of it for us. Their pricing and billing procedures are very fair. Shawne is courteous and friendly; a great guy to deal with. I highly recommend this company for all your IT needs.

Steven Gourlay


Clancy’s Rainbow/Clancy’s Commercial

Business owners rely on technology to work properly. When the viruses and glitches start to interfere, it can be costly in lost production and very frustrating! Calling an IT Specialist is a good idea. Calling Shawne Neal at Source Onsite Solutions is a GREAT idea. Shawne responded immediately and devoted his attention to my list of issues until every item was fixed. Indeed, he was and is my I.T. Lifeline!