Are you leaving your equipment open to attack?

Firewall devices can only protect your network to a certain degree. At some point you have to plan on prevention of virus issues form internal sources. These can be malicious in origin or they can be innocent such as a USB stick from home because a user wanted some music while at their desk!

The days of getting by with outdated or no Antivirus software on your machines is over. There are too many methods and holes that hackers use to gain access and compromise your data. Be it a Mac or a PC you are vulnerable. If your device is used by others. If it's accessing network resources. If it's accessing the internet. You are at risk! Exposing company information and resources is unnecessary. For a low monthly you can have your equipment protected real time. With WEBROOT, it's constantly watching and scanning, reporting back if and when issues are found.

Call today for a free quote on implementing Webroot into your network today. Cloud based management that is monitored 24/7.