Wireless Networking

Tired of dropping wifi network signals in your office?

Mesh wifi is now the new normal. - Businesses are multi room, large area etc. They need to make sure that coverage is from one end to the other for best performance. So many devices are now Wifi connected that it's paramount the wifi network is running as fast and as stable as possible.

  • Quick setup
  • Easy management
  • Total Coverage
  • Expandability

These are all the things you should want and need in your wireless infrastructure.

Source can implement a number of pre-packaged systems into your office to ensure that you have full coverage from front to back through all walls.

If you currently have a wifi system in place and are not happy with it. Please let us know we would be happy to drop over and see what can be done to enhance that system or replace with a newer more updated one.

info@sourceonsitesolutions.ca - 226-271-0469